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Ever in Art® develops non-linear, dynamic, visual or sound concepts designed to engage multiple senses.The new forms and techniques of multimedia and immersive visual representations change the paradigms of conventional art, by manipulating digital images through multiple perceptual and participatory technologies, where sounds, colors and lights merge to create exclusive atmospheres.



For the 2023 edition of the Milan Design Week Ever in Art® launched ‘Sit on the wor(l)d’, a new performance by the international artist Marco Nereo Rotelli dedicated to the trees and the air we breathe that combines ecological, geological, emotional and cognitive aspects in “Tree Talker”: a revolutionary technological solution, developed by scientist and Nobel Prize winner Prof. Riccardo Valentini, with the contribution of geologist Paolo Dell’Aversana. “Tree Talker” provided the diffusion of the sounds of the earth, where the trees will be able to speak. Visitors have thus experience a non-invasive listening technology that integrates different sensors and enters into the depths of the forest’s biodiversity, in an unprecedented union of art, design and science.


"Italia del Merito" is the kermesse that has rewarded Italian excellence in collaboration with leading institutions for over 10 years. Organised by the journalist Katia la Rosa, each year it detects initiatives and eminences that have distinguished themselves for particular merits, and then awards them with the prestigious endorsement.

The prize-giving event of the 12th edition, organized by Ever in Art, took place at the Campidoglio in Rome, boasting the participation of high representatives of institutions, entrepreneurs, public figures.

The analysis that led to the selection of the winners was conducted by DealSet, the M&A & Consulting platform commissioned by the Technical Committee to carry out a research on over 200 national and international investors to bring to light the most deserving Investment Funds and Venture Capital operating in Italy.

200°POLDI PEZZOLI_Giardino illuminato da Marco Nereo Rotelli prodotto da Ever in Art_edite
200°POLDI PEZZOLI_Ingresso illuminato da Marco Nereo Rotelli prodotto da Ever in Art_vista
200°POLDI PEZZOLI_Interno scalone e fontana illuminati da Marco Nereo Rotelli e prodotto d


For the 200th anniversary of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Ever in Art supported an initiative by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, who created an artwork dedicated to the wonder of light, 'giving life' to the main areas of the Museum thanks to the projection of poetic verses on the garden, the inner fountain and the entrance courtyard of the famous location.


Under the patronage of the Navy, Ever in Art realized 'Clean Water: Please', an artistic performance that speaks of the need to clean up the basin of the Venician lagoon, in collaboration with the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli.

Launched at the Biennale di Venezia, Clean Water:Please was one of the most popular projects at the exhibition. The gondola then landed at the Milano Design Week, through a hybrid event featured both in the real world and in the Metaverse. The next stop was Biofilia, the Biennale d'Arte e Ambiente in Genoa, in a new chapter of the phygital, multi-channel and immersive performance.

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